[clug-talk] Suggestion Box

Niels Voll nvoll at voho.com
Fri Nov 12 17:14:24 PST 2004

Was the anonymous suggestion box requested by members, or was this idea 
internally generated by the executive as a "good idea"?

To be quite honest, the concept of an anonymous suggestion box in a 
community of open source people totally surprised me. I didn't think 
anything like this would be needed. For example, if I wanted to make 
anonymous contact, I could easily sign up to Yahoo mail or something 
like that to send an "anonymous" email.. So I wasn't (and I'm still not) 
sure, what problem is being solved.

So I'm not suggesting that Jarrod code some more PHP to make the 
suggestion box process transparent, yet spam, profanity and hacker proof 
- I'm more wondering why bother with a suggestion box at all.

Jarrod Major wrote:

> <><snip>The clug-talk list disappearing was a curious, disturbing 
> coincidence. </snip>

... it sure was, especially since the message announcing the suggestion 
box was the very last message, before the list went away.- I was just 
about to suggest changing the CLUG logo to 
http://www.linuxfrench.net/IMG/art864-1.jpg   </joke>


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