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Tomas Florian tflorian at telus.net
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I had Shaw a long time ago (3 years) and the reason I stopped using it was
because of the variable speed (sometime slow sometime fast) and it seemed to
depend on what my neighbors were doing.  If they were downloading heavily
they took all the bandwidth.  Some of my clients who used Shaw also seemed
to have experienced this.  Has Shaw taken care of this issue by using a
traffic shaper on their routers? 


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my experience with Shaw's residential package has been generally positive; 

positive experiences
- relatively few outages,
- no port 25 blocking nonsense, like for example Telus
- plug and play DHCP - i.e. none of that having to go to a password 
protected website to "register" one's NIC, like for example Telus
- cable is less sensitive to CO proximity than xDSL - although on cable 
you "compete" with your neighbors for bandwidth - hasn't been a problem 
for me, though
- same dynamic IP addresses for months and months
- bundled deal with digital cable is pretty good combination deal

negative experiences
- there was a stretch, when their DNS servers seemed very temperamental 
(slow to non-responsive)  -  as a result, I've been running my own for 
the last few months
- their email servers have had very slow throughput at times - however 
since I'm running my own email server, this doesn't bother me

Other observations

bundling issues:
- Shaw's residential service seems a reasonably good deal in combination 
with some of their digital cable TV packages
- I don't think you can get a static IP address as an add-on to Shaw's 
residential packages, only with business packages (someone please 
correct me, if that is untrue)
- I believe, if you want Telus DSL, you need to have their residential 
Telephone service, at least for local service; Telus telephone service 
is a bit more expensive than some of the others (Sprint etc.)



Jesse Kline wrote:

>Hey Group,
> I'm looking into Internet service providers for my new place, and while
>I know this topic has been covered on the list before, I was hoping I
>could get some suggestions from the group as well as share the
>information that I have collected so far. I'm looking for residential
>Internet service that is fast (I'd like something faster than your basic
>1.5MB ADSL link) as well as relatively inexpensive. Your suggestions
>would be appreciated. I have already done up a quick comparison of some
>of the service providers in town. If anyone has information to add to
>the list, or any other providers that I should be looking at, please let
>me know. My comparison is available online at

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