[clug-talk] FC3 on 64b System...

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Fri Nov 12 12:32:06 PST 2004

Not sure (don't care) about FC, but with Gentoo, and Suse, the answer would be 
3.  I'd bet money that the answer will be the same for FC.

Having said that though, keep in mind, this will depend on your architecture.  
My AMD 64 can run either 64 or 32 bit code.  If you have an Itanium, this 
likely won't run the 32 bit stuff.  If you have a P4, it won't run the 64 bit 
stuff.  If you have a Xeon with 64 bit support, I'd guess that it will work 
similar to the AMD but at twice the cost and half the speed.

How's that for an email which answers the question and TOTALLY reeks of 
personal bias.


On Friday 12 November 2004 13:12, "J. Rafael Sánchez" wrote:
> Greetings all,
> Would you kindly consider commenting on these item(s). Thank you.
> If I wished to have a 64bit, and 32bit backward compatibility of a
> FC3_64 install on a 64bit system, do I?
> 1. Create completely separate partitions for both, and install them also
> separately.
> 2. Can I install 64bit and then "upgrade" to 32bit under the same file
> system. Install the boot loader on /dev/hda?
> 3. Install only the 64bit version and this will give me 32bit backward
> compatibility?
> 4.  Have dual booting capabilities?
> Thank you in advance.
> Rafael.
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