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Jarrod Major jmajor at clug.ca
Fri Nov 12 12:05:36 PST 2004

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On Friday 12 November 2004 12:18 pm, bogi wrote:
> Hi Travis.
> It was not a thing you could controll from cpanel,

This appears to be correct. As one of the people who have worked with the 
cpanel, I can say that I have found no gui mechanism for dumping the 
subscriber list and everyone's settings. This causes me great concern. It was 
one of the questions put to our hosting providers. If anyone knows of a 
method of dealing with this please speak up, I do not profess to be a Mailman 
expert. I have read that there are command-line options to do this but we 
don't have access to Mailman directly, it is a shared resource on our hosting 

> a set of config files got corrupted, and truncated on the server, and clug

This is not wholly true. We still do not have the reason for how this 
happened. Szemir answered this based on some discussion we had. Most of it 
was supposition.

> as a user would have no access to them in this case. So the sysadmins
> needed to fetch the files back from an older backup. This was more of
> server system issue.

The hosting provider were able to give us an old backup of some config files 
for Mailman insofar as our lists were concerned. I basically had to extract 
these email addresses by hand from a pck file. There may have been an easier 
way to do it but I already felt I was under the gun and it took us a day to 
get that much from them. Overall I think they provided us with good customer 
service. The issue is not resolved and we are still communicating with them, 
However, as you can see the list is reinstated and we can banter about as we 
have been again.

People need to lighten up. While it is cool that we have this mailing list, 
there is nothing earth-shattering here and while we were down for about two 
days that is not a great deal in the grand scheme of things.

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