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Jarrod Major jmajor at clug.ca
Fri Nov 12 11:57:16 PST 2004

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On Friday 12 November 2004 12:22 pm, Dave Bourassa wrote:
> Jarrod, correct me if I'm wrong, but if that's what you were wondering,
> rest assured, we the executive, are not doing that.  We simply are
> adding the suggestion box as one more tool to allow members to avail
> themselves of an opportunity to speak up and be heard, without fear of
> embarassment etc.  Nothing is being taken away, only something being added.

Nope the discussion on meeting format and presentations is still open.

The 'suggestion box' was on my list of things to do and considering how things 
were going, it seemed like a good time to implement it. It was not meant in 
any way to discourage open discussion on this list or publicly. The clug-talk 
list disappearing was a curious, disturbing coincidence. Contrary to some 
members' beliefs about the Executive we are not trying to hide anything from 
anybody. As I explained in an earlier post, if people are wanting to see what 
suggestions are being made we can look into providing that detail. So far it 
hasn't been used for suggeting much of anything.

The first one was a joke, the second one seemed like a pat on the back and a 
half-serious suggestion. The third was a question about the mailing list. The 
fourth was a rant about the clug-talk list, the Executive and the 
transparency issue.

Just so you all know, one of the things on our list of things to do is to add 
multiple forms to the website that would enable anyone various ways to 
contact the Executive on various topics. We are planning on making it easier 
to ask questions, submit comments along with as the suggestion box we have.

We have recently had another meeting on website development. So you see, we 
are doing things. We will endeavor to let you all know what we are doing and 
when so there is no guess-work or questions. And for those that think we are 
doing nothing but posturing you can see how active we are as well.

It takes a heck of a lot more to run this show than most of you think (this is 
not fishing for compliments). I am quite disheartened that people think we 
are doing a poor job. You are entitled to your opinions. I have had to repeat 
this a lot lately but we are trying to make some changes, things don't happen 
as quickly as you might want them to but there are changes afoot.

One of the main reasons I got involved with this group was to try to make 
changes to the way the group worked. I am happy with most of the changes I 
have been a party to. Some of the things are not so good and some need 
revisiting. I believe that this group will undergo many changes over the 
course of its existence. Change is good.
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