[clug-talk] Suggestion Box

Dave Bourassa dave.bourassa at shaw.ca
Fri Nov 12 11:22:39 PST 2004

Jarrod Major wrote:

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> On Thursday 11 November 2004 3:43 pm, Niels Voll wrote:
>>    ... is that like a closed source version of the previous discussion ?
> The quick anser is "no".
snipped a bunch ...
Niels, I think you were wondering if we were cutting off discussion
of this topic on the list and replacing it with the Suggestion Box.

Jarrod, correct me if I'm wrong, but if that's what you were wondering, 
rest assured, we the executive, are not doing that.  We simply are 
adding the suggestion box as one more tool to allow members to avail 
themselves of an opportunity to speak up and be heard, without fear of 
embarassment etc.  Nothing is being taken away, only something being added.

I hope that will alleviate any concers you had.


Dave Bourassa.

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