[clug-talk] Mailing list back (for now)

Dave Bourassa dave.bourassa at shaw.ca
Fri Nov 12 11:06:17 PST 2004

Jarrod Major wrote:

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> Hey Group,
> After a flurry of communication back and forth between us and the hosting 
> provider, we have managed to get the clug-talk list back up.
> The good news is that they were able to provide us with a partial list of 
> subscribers from sometime in September. That means that anyone subscribing 
> after September 22 was lost. We are going to get in touch with the people who 
> signed up for membership from that point on but we suspect that we will be 
> losing some folks. Please talk to people you know that are interested in CLUG 
> and/or Linux who may or may not have been on the list. Find out if there were 
> on the list, ask them if they have received this message or the soon to 
> follow message from the Secretary.
> The website will have an updated message instructing people to resubscribe if 
> they haven't received this message so hopefully that will catch some of them 
> as well.
> At this point in time we still do not have an explanation of how this list 
> disappeared. We have several other mailing lists and they were left untouched 
> which suggests that the clug-talk list was targetted for deletion. This 
> theory is also supported by the fact that the other lists are working just 
> fine. As such this list could disappear at any time if the perpetrator uses 
> the same technique as they did previously. We are aware of a mailman 
> vulnerability but we are not sure if it applies to the version of mailman our 
> host uses. They have been notified of this regardless.
> Now on to accounts...
> You will have to request your password to be sent to you from the mailman 
> administrator http://clug.ca/mailman/listinfo/clug-talk_clug.ca at the bottom 
> under 'clug-talk Subscribers' if you previously had your account set to 
> digest mode then you will have to reset this as the mailing list is currently 
> set to send everyone subscribed individual messages. For those of you that 
> don't know what digest mode is, it is where you reveice one email on a 
> periodic basis that contains all clug-talk emails in one rather than each one 
> separately. Some people find this preferable, your choice.
> Also, anyone having multiple addresses subscribed will have to go in to change 
> which address(es) you actually want email sent to. The reason for having 
> multiple email addresses subscribed is so that you aren't limited in your 
> ability to post from a single address.
> I apologize for you having to do any of this, we were not able to restore the 
> list with all the settings intact and it was felt that you had waited 
> (patiently) long enough for the list to be recreated.
> Thank-you.
> - -- 
> Jarrod Major

Kudos for good work, to Jarrod and the guru gang.
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