[clug-talk] Calgary ISP Comparison

Niels Voll nvoll at voho.com
Fri Nov 12 10:07:47 PST 2004

my experience with Shaw's residential package has been generally positive; 

positive experiences
- relatively few outages,
- no port 25 blocking nonsense, like for example Telus
- plug and play DHCP - i.e. none of that having to go to a password 
protected website to "register" one's NIC, like for example Telus
- cable is less sensitive to CO proximity than xDSL - although on cable 
you "compete" with your neighbors for bandwidth - hasn't been a problem 
for me, though
- same dynamic IP addresses for months and months
- bundled deal with digital cable is pretty good combination deal

negative experiences
- there was a stretch, when their DNS servers seemed very temperamental 
(slow to non-responsive)  -  as a result, I've been running my own for 
the last few months
- their email servers have had very slow throughput at times - however 
since I'm running my own email server, this doesn't bother me

Other observations

bundling issues:
- Shaw's residential service seems a reasonably good deal in combination 
with some of their digital cable TV packages
- I don't think you can get a static IP address as an add-on to Shaw's 
residential packages, only with business packages (someone please 
correct me, if that is untrue)
- I believe, if you want Telus DSL, you need to have their residential 
Telephone service, at least for local service; Telus telephone service 
is a bit more expensive than some of the others (Sprint etc.)



Jesse Kline wrote:

>Hey Group,
> I'm looking into Internet service providers for my new place, and while
>I know this topic has been covered on the list before, I was hoping I
>could get some suggestions from the group as well as share the
>information that I have collected so far. I'm looking for residential
>Internet service that is fast (I'd like something faster than your basic
>1.5MB ADSL link) as well as relatively inexpensive. Your suggestions
>would be appreciated. I have already done up a quick comparison of some
>of the service providers in town. If anyone has information to add to
>the list, or any other providers that I should be looking at, please let
>me know. My comparison is available online at

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