[clug-talk] Calgary ISP Comparison

Jason Hayes hh at hayz.ws
Fri Nov 12 07:57:29 PST 2004

On Fri, 2004-11-12 at 00:46 -0700, Shawn wrote:
> I recently switched up to the SOHO package on Shaw, and added 2 static IP 
> addresses.  The bare bones SOHO is approx $65/month, and allows up to 5 
> dynamic IPs (I think), and offers better up/download speeds than the more 
> common residential package.  They say there is an upper bandwidth limit of 15 
> GB per month.
> Shawn

I have had the Shaw SOHO package for several years through my consulting
business. (BTW, It does have 5 dynamic IPs) I have also been using it on
a daily basis in my primary client's offices for about 1 year. To date I
have had no problems with Shaw's service. No slowdowns, very minimal
outages that lasted no more than a few hours. I do not run a publicly
accessible server, so my usage numbers may not be the same as yours, but
I have never run up against bandwidth limits.

Shaw's service has been near spotless when compared with business DSL
from Telus. Two of my clients had Telus DSL and have both switched to
Shaw because of constant down time, having to release and renew IP's
several times per week, useless tech help, etc. etc.

Another client made the switch from Telus DSL to Nucleus and appears to
be happy with that service.

If I had to point to a problem with Shaw's service, I would say that
they can be slow getting to you when you have a problem. However, I very
rarely have problems with their service, so that is not really an issue.

One side benefit to the SOHO package is that you also get the basic
cable package, so you can keep clients (or yourself) amused during slow
periods. If you add the tiers to the package, it will run you about
$90 / month.
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Hayes Holdings Consulting
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