[clug-talk] Calgary ISP Comparison

Shawn sgrover at open2space.com
Thu Nov 11 23:46:15 PST 2004

I recently switched up to the SOHO package on Shaw, and added 2 static IP 
addresses.  The bare bones SOHO is approx $65/month, and allows up to 5 
dynamic IPs (I think), and offers better up/download speeds than the more 
common residential package.  They say there is an upper bandwidth limit of 15 
GB per month.  Adding the Static IPs costs an extra $20 per month, and each 
static IP after that is an additional $10/per month - of course, once you hit 
8 or so, you're probably better off with a different package.

I did some research into Nucleus some time back, and I believe they offer a 
decent DSL package at approx $80/month with 8 static IPs.  (unfortunately, 
we've decided the house doesn't need a phone line - we all have cells - so 
DSL is not an option for me - new house, and no physical line coming into the 



On Friday 12 November 2004 00:33, Jesse Kline wrote:
> Hey Group,
>  I'm looking into Internet service providers for my new place, and while
> I know this topic has been covered on the list before, I was hoping I
> could get some suggestions from the group as well as share the
> information that I have collected so far. I'm looking for residential
> Internet service that is fast (I'd like something faster than your basic
> 1.5MB ADSL link) as well as relatively inexpensive. Your suggestions
> would be appreciated. I have already done up a quick comparison of some
> of the service providers in town. If anyone has information to add to
> the list, or any other providers that I should be looking at, please let
> me know. My comparison is available online at
> ftp://ftp.kline.ca/pub/clug/isp.html
> Thanks,
> Jesse

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