[clug-talk] Calgary ISP Comparison

Jesse Kline jesse at kline.ca
Thu Nov 11 23:33:22 PST 2004

Hey Group,

 I'm looking into Internet service providers for my new place, and while
I know this topic has been covered on the list before, I was hoping I
could get some suggestions from the group as well as share the
information that I have collected so far. I'm looking for residential
Internet service that is fast (I'd like something faster than your basic
1.5MB ADSL link) as well as relatively inexpensive. Your suggestions
would be appreciated. I have already done up a quick comparison of some
of the service providers in town. If anyone has information to add to
the list, or any other providers that I should be looking at, please let
me know. My comparison is available online at


Jesse Kline <jesse at kline.ca>

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