[clug-talk] LinuxWorld Special One-Time Subscription Offer! - free digital edition!?

Shawn sgrover at open2space.com
Thu Nov 11 15:51:41 PST 2004

They will only send you a copy via snail mail, if you live in the states.  
Otherwise, you're sent a digital version of the magazine in email.  You can 
also see this version here http://www.linuxworld.com/magazine/.  So, you 
don't really have to sign up (they want a LOT of information to do so) if you 
don't want to.


On Thursday 11 November 2004 16:15, John Clarke wrote:
> This may be old news or good news to you. But I thought I'd pass on this
> 'bargain'.
> LinuxWorld Special One-Time Subscription Offer for JDJ readers.
> Click Here to Subscribe or Download This Issue in its Full Print Format
> https://www.sys-con.com/linux/subscribefreespecial.cfm?id=0
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