[clug-talk] Mailing list back (for now)

Jarrod Major jmajor at clug.ca
Thu Nov 11 13:26:54 PST 2004

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Hey Group,

After a flurry of communication back and forth between us and the hosting 
provider, we have managed to get the clug-talk list back up.

The good news is that they were able to provide us with a partial list of 
subscribers from sometime in September. That means that anyone subscribing 
after September 22 was lost. We are going to get in touch with the people who 
signed up for membership from that point on but we suspect that we will be 
losing some folks. Please talk to people you know that are interested in CLUG 
and/or Linux who may or may not have been on the list. Find out if there were 
on the list, ask them if they have received this message or the soon to 
follow message from the Secretary.

The website will have an updated message instructing people to resubscribe if 
they haven't received this message so hopefully that will catch some of them 
as well.

At this point in time we still do not have an explanation of how this list 
disappeared. We have several other mailing lists and they were left untouched 
which suggests that the clug-talk list was targetted for deletion. This 
theory is also supported by the fact that the other lists are working just 
fine. As such this list could disappear at any time if the perpetrator uses 
the same technique as they did previously. We are aware of a mailman 
vulnerability but we are not sure if it applies to the version of mailman our 
host uses. They have been notified of this regardless.

Now on to accounts...
You will have to request your password to be sent to you from the mailman 
administrator http://clug.ca/mailman/listinfo/clug-talk_clug.ca at the bottom 
under 'clug-talk Subscribers' if you previously had your account set to 
digest mode then you will have to reset this as the mailing list is currently 
set to send everyone subscribed individual messages. For those of you that 
don't know what digest mode is, it is where you reveice one email on a 
periodic basis that contains all clug-talk emails in one rather than each one 
separately. Some people find this preferable, your choice.

Also, anyone having multiple addresses subscribed will have to go in to change 
which address(es) you actually want email sent to. The reason for having 
multiple email addresses subscribed is so that you aren't limited in your 
ability to post from a single address.

I apologize for you having to do any of this, we were not able to restore the 
list with all the settings intact and it was felt that you had waited 
(patiently) long enough for the list to be recreated.

- -- 
Jarrod Major
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