[clug-talk] Aaron in the news yet again.

Ian Bruseker ian.bruseker at gmail.com
Thu Dec 16 10:02:16 PST 2004

On Thu, 16 Dec 2004 10:36:57 -0700, Nick W <nickw77 at shaw.ca> wrote:
> people are waking up in that regard. KDE was meant to run on top of X, I
> think that's where it belongs.
Well, there are X servers for Windows, so that alone doesn't make for
a good argument against KDE on Windows.  :-)

I both agree and disagree with Aaron on this one.  Would I install
Windows on a machine for, say, my mom, then install KDE on top of
that?  Heck no - if I was going to get someone to use KDE (and other
FLOSS) for the first time, I'd do it right, from the OS up, and show
them the whole thing.  But on the other hand, I have to use Windows at
work.  I have no choice.  I'm a developer, we develop software that
runs on Windows, hence I have a Windows machine.  But didn't I just
crack a huge smile when I discovered I could run KDE on Windows
through some Cygwin magic.  :-)  I may be forced to use Windows
because of my job, but it's sure nice to have a familiar, comfortable
environment if I want it.  In this case it's not about switching
someone using a "slow integration" method - it's about me liking KDE
and using it when and where I can.  I like that.  I would suspect
whoever first thought of porting KDE to Windows had a similar "itch to


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