[clug-talk] GPL question...

Graham Monk gdmonk at shaw.ca
Mon Dec 13 13:27:55 PST 2004

On Monday 13 December 2004 09:32, Pete wrote:
> Hi all :
> I had a heavy discussion about the 'GPL' ...
> now English is not my first language neither is legalees...
> So I need some input from the CLUG'ers
> What it comes down to is this,
> or you allowed (or not?) to do the following:
> Take a GPL'ed product
> and slightly change it's user interface (removing logo's changing colors)

If you then describe the work as your own thats wrong.

> The modified software will not be 'sold'.

Doesn't matter, if you "redistribute" the modified product you have
to contribute back the changes. The original author doesn't have to
put it into the original product.

> Services to install/configure the soft and hardware on which it runs
> will generate an income...

No problem here as far as I know.

> I would like to have a straight "this is (not) legal" type of answer,
> but it aint gonna be that easy I guess...
> I think it is illegal.

Don't think so as long as you are not claiming the software as "Yours"

> (+ Generating income from somebodyelse's work is not very nice...)

What do you think IBM is up to these days?
> Don't start a (flame) war about this.
> CU
> Pete
This is my understanding.
IANAL ( I am not a lawyer )


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