[clug-talk] getting up and running

Gustin Johnson gustin at echostar.ca
Fri Dec 10 11:15:50 PST 2004

The generic nv kernel module should be just fine.  You only use the nvidia 
module for 3d acceleration.  

> With regards to updates, be very careful if you update your kernel.  I
> recommend doing the update, but you have to be aware that some other
> components may fail until their drivers are recompiled with the new kernel
> (specifically referring to the Nvidia drivers).  If you happen to reboot
> with the new kernel, and you end up at the command prompt without the GUI
> interface, then log in as root, and run Yast from the command line.  You
> can usually use this to fix any issues that may have been introduced.  Of
> course, if all else fails, let the list know what's happening.

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