[clug-talk] Best ways to secure a limited user account?

Travis R. unleashed at unleashedgamers.com
Thu Dec 9 23:10:38 PST 2004

>>P.S. you are going to have a GUI right?
>Yes, although it will be very minimal (probably consisting of a couple of 
>relevant icons at most).
>I could teach them to use a right-click menu like in 
>Enlightenment/Blackbox/Fluxbox/etc. but that's too easy for me and too much 
>to ask of them (although they could both do it).
>Thanks for your comments so far.
If they have little or no experience with something like windows kde or 
gnome the "right click" is just as easy to teach them as clicking the 
menu, plus when they need help instead of trying to explain where to 
click you just tell them press the right mouse button

to show them how to use a window manager takes about 10 minutes with 
them not paying attention the whole time.

all this talk about kids reminds me when i was a kid and the DOS day's, 
I liked the DR-dos but i couldn't do anything untill my mom opened up 
this blue window manager then i could play this one game where you had 
to catch butterfiles and make it to the top of the mountain and i think 
there was math problems in it or something... anyone know what it's 
called? anyway sorry for going Off-topic

Travis R.

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