[clug-talk] Best ways to secure a limited user account?

unleashed unleashed at unleashedgamers.com
Thu Dec 9 18:40:44 PST 2004

The Reason I ask is because i think it changes through the age levels, 
like my bro (age 15) uses Linux like he would windows he doesn't really 
know the difference except in looks (i put gnome on his box) if they are 
real young (3-6) I would let them have there own passwords (really 
simple like "abc" once they get used to it then they have to upgrade 
there pass to a longer one and so on

as for the computer being locked down i wouldn't worry about they doing 
anything that could harm the computer or would need a chrooted 
environment all they will know how to do is what you show them.

If you want to turn this into a learning experience i would recommend 
trying everything and everything you find to "secure" it and make the 
user notice as minimal as possible.

Travis R.

P.S. you are going to have a GUI right?

> how old are the kids?
> Travis R.
>> Here's another specific on which I would like to hear comments:  I 
>> need to keep the login/password and user environment simple so they 
>> can authenticate and use their programs independent of my help.  But I 
>> also want this procedure/environment to be as locked down as 
>> possible.  What are the best ways of balancing security and 
>> accessibility in this case?
>> Thanks for your thoughts!
>> Sincerely,
>> Curtis S.
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