[clug-talk] SUSE9.2 Cds missing programs

Graham Monk gdmonk at shaw.ca
Sun Dec 5 18:49:38 PST 2004

To all those who took a copy of the CDs Wednesday I have
found that they do not contain a lot of programs.

I cant post a list because even as text it goes over 40k.

If you want to see the list look at alt.os.suse.linux on
the 3rd Dec for a post by baskitcaise.

Having said that i have installed from the Cds and have
a very smooth running system and the only lacks I noticed
were Scribus and Inkscape which I have downloaded from
other sources.

The DVD from the box set runs 7.5GB and would have to be
copied onto double layer media which I am told needs a 
suitable burner and costs around $10-$2 a pop.

I reassembled my desktop machine and bought a used
DVD burner from VFXWEB.and am currently downloading a 
stripped down DVD of about 4.33GB which WILL fit on to a 
single layer ( and much cheaper ) DVD.
It is missing the 64 bit stuff and most of the non-Englsh
parts of the programs. It should be otherwise complete.

The good news is this time I have my bittorrent client
configured correctly and am hitting about 400kb/s and
should have it done this evening. Let me know if you
want a copy and as soon as I get some media I will be
able to burn a copy for you.


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