[clug-progsig] Installfest help

Shawn sgrover at open2space.com
Tue Aug 30 12:31:24 PDT 2005

Hi gang.

I thought I would have time to take care of this, but my schedule is filling 
up pretty fast....  So I'm asking for someone to take on this mini-app for 

We would like a program that can list the different Linux Distro's and allow 
the user to select one of them.  They would then be presented with another 
screen showing the possible ISO's for the selected distro (i.e. CDs 1 to 5, 
or the single DVD distro). The user can then decide which ISO to burn.

The idea is to make it simple enough for end user's who may have absolutely no 
experience with Linux and burning media to create their own CDs.  I'm 
picturing a simple button type menu - the user clicks on Suse, then sees a 
list of possible buttons for the ISOs.  The user clicks one of those, and is 
prompted with instructions what to do next (i.e. insert blank disk into drive 
- click OK when ready)....  In the past one person had to tend to the CD 
Burner and had no time to do anything other than that.  This caused some 
delays in getting things done for people.  (we're also going to have pre-made 
ISO's to help with this).

In an ideal world, the program should get it's info from a directory structure 
something like so:

storage root (some arbitrary location on the drive)
  - Distro 1
      - ISO 1
      - ISO 2
  - Distro 2
      - ISO 1

Then we can add/remove distro's and ISO's as needed.  Next the user should 
have the option to select one or more distro's to burn (i.e. Option 1 - burn 
All CD ISO's, Option 2 - Burn All DVD ISO's, Option 3 - CD ISO #1, Option 4 - 
CD ISO # 2, etc...).  Under the hood, the app would use cdrecord to write the 

A possible enhancement (though not absolutely required), is to allow writing 
to two CD/DVD drives simultaneously.  This introduces a bunch of other 
problems, but would make creating a full ISO set faster.

I do have some basic code that I've created using Kommander, but to do it 
right needs more knowledge of KDE than I have at this time.  I can send the 
code I do have thus far for a sample.

If you'd like to take on the challenge, please let me know off-list.  
Thanks !!!!


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