[clug-progsig] PHP dropping session when child window closes?

Shawn sgrover at open2space.com
Sun Sep 19 02:01:06 PDT 2004

The popups should be fine, because it is a time tracking application, which 
would normally only be used by authorized staff - so the popup blocking would 
likely not apply here.  (In reality, for the near future, it'll only be me 
using it...).

I'm opening the popup using javascript from within an IFrame.  Maybe Konqueror 
doesn't handle IFrames properly?  Regardless, I just installed Firefox to see 
how it handled the site, and everything works as I would expect...  

I find it odd that even though I'm using non-browser specific code, I am 
seeing three different behaviors in three different browsers, with the same 
code.  In Konqueror, closing a child window drops my session, and my date 
picker works but isn't positioned properly.  In Mozilla, closing a child 
window doesn't drop the session, but trying to use the date picker shuts down 
or crashes Mozilla.  With Firefox, closing the child window doesn't drop my 
session, and my date picker works with the correct positioning....  These 
inconsistencies make it damn tough to create an effective cross browser 
application....  Luckily it's not that critical at this time, though I ALWAYS 
try to use browser independent code.

Just saw your second message too.  Yep, I'm starting the sessions in the popup 
window, and I know the session data is available there (need it to properly 
update my database, which is getting the correct values, but I've traced 
through this as well to confirm - part of standard debugging to me...).

Thanks for the thoughts/input though.  With the mainstream browsers (IE and 
NS), your suggestions would have likely solved the problem.


On Sunday 19 September 2004 02:16, bogi wrote:
> Send a cookie with the session data then reconstruct the session after the
> window is done. This behavior from the browser is odd, unless, how do you
> open that window, is it a js or a target thing? Otherwise, it is generally
> good practice not to use a popup window, popups may be disabled from
> browser settings, then you would not be able to do the processing like
> that... cheers
> Szemir

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