[clug-progsig] Website CSS

Shawn sgrover at open2space.com
Mon Sep 6 13:41:16 PDT 2004

Goran, if you are interested you can view the current CSS file at this URL:


It may have blocks that don't exist on the PROGSIG site, but that would be 
because the site was originally made as a subsection of my website.  There is 
a little cleanup work that can happen.  

Also, Jarrod has placed the CLUG logo into the folders for us - it can be seen 
at http://progsig.clug.ca/images/clug_logo_v2.gif .  I tried to put it in the 
header last night but was running into problems with positioning of the DIVs 
(text was overlapping the image).  Two o'clock in the morning isn't the 
greatest time to be starting something new, so I reverted back to a header 
sans logo for now.

Thanks for your offer.  If you manage to get some artwork together, let me 
know, and I'll help you get it online.  Also, if it helps (this goes for 
anyone), I can send you a compressed file of all the files used in the site - 
it uses some PHP, but only for includes at this time, so you'll need a PHP 
enabled web server to view them.  


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